Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Strange Dream...

I woke up a little bit ago. I had the strangest dream. It was one of those dreams that feels so real that it scares you. Here's what happened:

Now, I don't know who the guy was, so I'll make that clear from the get go. I was engaged to a guy. I guess his mom didn't approve of me. She thought I would take her son away from the family, that she would never see him again. The dream fast forwards a bit to a house (it was my neighbors house from when I was little). In their hallway stood the mother, sobbing. She tried to run away but instead broke down and fell to her knees crying. I took a seat in front of her, along with the guy (mind you, the only part of the guy I could see throughout the entire dream was his pants and the bottom of his shirt; in the dream it was in the corner of my eye). I had to reassure her that I didn't want to divide the family but wanted to be apart of it. At first the mother was skeptical but finally accepted me as her future daughter-in-law. Then, suddenly, she pulled out all of this wedding planning stuff and told me to start picking things. I laughed as I rubbed the guys knee with my hand.

Then I woke up.

What the hell kind of dream is that? And what does it mean? I have no freaked me out a bit though so I had to share.

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